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Turkey Herkul Pharma Corporate Group
Medical products; Pharmacy; Medical Skincare Products
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It is a Pharmacist organization started with the partnership of 23 Pharmacist and currently with 4 incorporated companies made of partnership of 111 Pharmacist. 
1 – Helezon Pharmaceutical Warehouse 
Its 2010 turnover 2 million 
Its 2011 turnover 8 million 
Its 2012 turnover 12 million 
It is providing services to approximately 800 pharmacies, the products sold are drugs, perfumery, food supplements, medical and dermocosmetic products. Majority of those pharmacies are located at mainly Ankara and its counties and also at Yozgat, Kırşehir, Kayseri and Bolu provinces. At the pharmaceutical warehouse which the institutional structuring started in 2012, 49 employees are working in and serving with 22 vehicles. Now serves in a closed area of 2000 square meters. Its 2013 turnover goal is 17 million dollars. 
2 – Yunus Medical Group Inc. Co. 
Serving in an area of 750 square meters and it’s the leading company in means of stability; it is the most prominent company of the developing medical industry of Turkey. Company owns FLEXOR registered trademark and also has the Ankara and Central Anatolia franchises of many companies. In the company 12 employees are working in and serving with 5 vehicles. 2012 turnover of $ 2 million, the company's 2013 turnover goal is 3 million dollars. 
3- Decomed Ltd. Co. 
The company established in the year 2012 and has 32 employees. Started with e-commerce at first, currently the company has 2 stores at the most prominent locations of Ankara and sells infant textile products, jewelry, perfumery, dermocosmetic and perfumery products. The company’s 2012 turnover for the first is 1 million dollars. And its 2013 turnover goal is 3 million dollars. 
4 – Dr.Pharma Pharmaceutical Industry Inc. Co. 
The company headquarters is in Ankara and offers office services at 300 square meters. The company currently has 10 employees in and its customers are only pharmacies. With its own brands provides services to Istanbul and Ankara pharmacies. Also, in the last quarter of 2012, the company has started to researches for drug license and applied to the Turkey’s ministry of health to get drug licenses for 2 oncological drugs. 
%50 of the company belongs to the group. The company owns 20 food supplementary products under the Drooc brand. And it is catering to dermocosmetics with 7 products under the Phytocure brand. The products are present at its site. With the partners based in Istanbul, 120 persons are being employed and it serves to approximately 500 pharmacies in Istanbul. The company has 70 pharmacist partners and has been serving since year 2000. After opening a foreign trade unit last year, it is currently exporting to the many parts of the world. Its Last year's success in tenders also can’t be ignored.

Company Profile
Company Name: Turkey Herkul Pharma Corporate Group
Company Type: Enterprise (Manufacturer,Trader)
Area: West Asia/Turkey
Employee :
Registered Capital: Not filled
Year Established: 2010
Data certification:
Credit guarantee: Already paid $0.00 USD
Business model: Manufacturer,Trader
Business scope: Medical products; Pharmacy; Medical Skincare Products
Sales of products: Medical products; Pharmacy; Medical Skincare Products
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